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Find the Best Dental Insurance in Tucson, AZ

Dental insurance benefits oral health and saves policyholders both time and money. The plan you choose should include the right amount of coverage at an affordable price. We researched the best dental insurance in Tucson so you lower out-of-pocket spending on care for your teeth and gums.

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How to choose dental insurance in Tucson

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Dental insurance is a financial safety net that helps you pay for exams, cleanings, X-rays and many oral health care treatments and procedures. Research shows those with dental benefits — about 3 in 4 Americans — are more likely to visit the dentist and experience better overall health.

There are three main types of dental insurance plans in Tucson. You can also consider a dental savings plan, which is different from insurance. A dental savings plan simply gives you cash discounts on services from participating dentists.

Type of plan Features
Preferred provider organization (PPO) Most common; choose your dentist, but visit an in-network provider to get lower costs; deductibles, copayments, coinsurance, annual maximum and waiting periods can apply
Health maintenance organization (HMO) Least expensive premiums; only covers visits to an in-network dentist; policyholder makes copayments for each service
Indemnity Most expensive premiums; no restrictions on dentists; deductibles, copayments, coinsurance, annual maximum and waiting periods can apply
Dental savings Cheaper than insurance; membership gives access to discounts at in-network dentists; no cost-sharing (member pays 100 percent of the bill)

A common type of coverage is referred to as “100-80-50.” It covers 100 percent of exams, cleanings and routine X-rays; 80 percent of basic services (e.g., fillings, pain relief) and 50 percent of major services (e.g., crowns, root canals, bridges). A small deductible usually applies to the last two categories.

Whichever type of plan you choose, your costs for preventive care will be minimal. It is common to pay nothing or only a small copayment for regular exams and cleanings.

How much is dental insurance in Tucson?

Expect to pay between $20 - $50 a month for an individual dental policy in Tucson. The exact premium depends on your age, whether you smoke and the level of coverage you purchase. Dental savings plans start around $100 per year for a single member.

Before choosing a dental plan in Tucson, make sure you understand the benefits, including exclusions and limitations. Don’t overlook any applicable waiting periods for services: It’s common for plans to make you wait six months to a year before you get coverage for anything beyond preventive care.

Also, take into account if there is an annual maximum limit to coverage; unlike health insurance, dental insurance often caps the amount it will pay out in benefits, usually between $1,000 and $3,000 per year.

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1Dental.com savings plans give you discounts on services at a nationwide network of dentists. Choose between two plans in Tucson, and start saving 15 - 60 percent immediately. There are no restrictions for pre-existing conditions or annual caps on savings. It takes less than five minutes to activate a membership. Reviewers speak highly of the customer support at 1Dental.com.



DentalPlans.com is a leading online marketplace for dental savings plans, offering over 20 cost-effective choices in Tucson. By joining, you save 10 - 60 percent on dental care all year long, with no annual limits, deductible or waiting periods. Customers like how DentalPlans.com matches competitor prices and lets you switch plans anytime.



United Healthcare, a leading U.S. health insurer, offers stand-alone dental coverage in Tucson. Find a plan that fits your needs and budget, and get a quote including clear policy terms. Preventive care is covered with no waiting period or deductible. Benefits for basic and major services are also included. Customers enjoy paying low out-of-pocket cost for exams and cleanings.